High-quality lubrication components and machines

A lubrication system has the purpose of providing the machine with clean, conditioned oil for lubrication of bearings and moving mechanical parts.
This creates a film between moving solid surfaces, reducing friction and wear associated with the specific properties of the surface.
Duplomatic has built up very detailed experience in the engineering and creation of lubrication units for various goods sectors: paper machines, gearboxes and turbines are just a few examples of machinery equipped with lubrication units created by Duplomatic. We also create installations in critical environments.
Each lubrication system is engineered in accordance with the technical specifications of our customers, using materials suited to the installation site, and in full observance of regulations in the country in question.


Products for the creation of lubrication units

  • Tools for pressure and temperature control
  • Three-way thermostatic valves for optimal fluid temperature control
  • Dimensioning of piping for low ΔP
  • Dimensioning of plate/tube heat exchangers
  • Dimensioning of duplex filter with low ΔP

Duplomatic Group supporting industry

Duplomatic is a high-tech, high-value industrial partner: components, industry 4.0 applications, engineering consulting and project management.

Applications in the lubrication sector


Paper machines


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