MOTION can take you HIGHER

Experts in hydraulics and motion-control solutions since 1952.
Adding value through innovation for three generations.

Duplomatic MS is an innovative company offering engineering solutions for motion control and automation in industrial applications.

Thanks to begin a member of Daikin Group, Duplomatic makes its contribution to sustainability through energy-saving and hybrid hydraulic solutions.

The company has its headquarters in Parabiago (Milan), where it also designs and produces valves. Its other sites include the Hydraulic Systems Business Unit in Lainate (Milan) and Padua for the production of complex systems, the Turnkey Projects Business Unit in Parabiago (Milan) for special, innovative turnkey projects, and the Mechatronics Business Unit, based in Sulbiate (Monza Brianza) for the development and creation of Industry 4.0 electronic equipment and in Rosta (Turin), for the development and production of electric actuators.

Since 2020, Duplomatic MS is the only Italian company certified as an IO-Link Competence Centre.

Duplomatic MS is also the holding company of the Duplomatic International Group which includes Continental Hydraulics, Hydreco Hydraulics, and Till Hydraulik.




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Parabiago, Lainate, Sulbiate, Rosta, Padua



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Our business areas

Duplomatic divides its business into synergistic but distinct areas. We understand the importance of specialisation, combined with expertise to develop innovative solutions with a multidisciplinary approach focused on the customer and their technical requirements.
Thus Duplomatic offers an extensive range of hydraulic and electronic components for electric actuators, incorporating IO-Link technology, to satisfy industrial and Industry 4.0 applications for businesses and OEMs.
The company also offers customers complex tools and turnkey solutions, allowing them to rely on a single, qualified supplier.


Pumps, motors, on-off valves, explosion-proof products, hydraulic cylinders, proportional valves, electronic boards, electric actuators and accessories



Design, production and approval testing of power units, manifolds, cabinets and complex applications for industrial automation



Customised mechatronics solutions for industrial automation and motion control in the Industry 4.0 paradigm


Turnkey projects

From engineering to creation; from management of materials, installation, approval testing and commissioning through to maintenance



Duplomatic has structured its production in order to directly control all steps, both at Italian sites and abroad.

Production facilities are organised according to consistent standards and strategically decentralised to offer quicker service to international markets. Our Chinese facility, for example, enables us to promptly fulfil requirements of the local market, which would be difficult to achieve from abroad.

Furthermore, all of our production facilities are organised according to lean-manufacturing processes, guaranteeing a competitive and high-quality service for Italian and international customers.

An example of this can be seen in the application of lean principles for the restructuring of production divisions at our headquarters in Parabiago, where valves and standard components are manufactured, and also at our Hydraulic Systems business unit in Lainate, where we process more complex custom production orders.


Our resources supporting your business


Creating varied and innovative motion solutions for industry is what we do.

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We know the importance of listening carefully in order to understand your particular project requirements.

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We believe in digital technology both as a support for companies that want to take their business global and as a tool to guarantee competitive solutions.

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As an international group, Duplomatic has a global vision combined with detailed knowledge of local markets, allowing them to guarantee innovative solutions for the most demanding requirements.

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Products and systems

Products and systems

Products and systems

Industrial markets and applications

Industrial Applications

Mobile markets and applications

Mobility applications


Progressing from theory to practical application.
This is Duplomatic's approach, which translates into excellent service for our customers through consultation and project development.
Nowadays, it is more costly to resist change than to invest in digitalising structures and the development of products: Duplomatic enables you to develop customised smart solutions for industrial and mobility innovation.



Duplomatic MS has always been strongly rooted and integrated into its territorial context, committed to supporting local initiatives. This includes support for the Parabiago rugby club and its involvement in charity, sporting and cultural events. Quality, safety, environment and ethics in the management of colleagues and suppliers underpin all company decisions, enabling us to consolidate our success year on year.



Duplomatic MS would never have been able to achieve our goal to create innovative and effective solutions without building a group capable of providing complementary expertise and experience, in order to meet your needs.



this is what the Duplomatic Group promises customers, because they are always our number-one priority. Each one of them can count on us as a partner focused on excellence that always puts people first.



Duplomatic continues to grow thanks to our people, who support our pursuit of excellence and our passion for innovatio. It is our colleagues, administrative team and board of directors that allow us to maintain our commitment to be a global leader in technological solutions for motion control.


Duplomatic MS is a member of the confederation system. Assolombarda is the association for businesses operating in the Metropolitan City of Milan and in the provinces of Lodi, Monza & Brianza, and Pavia. In terms of size and representation, Assolombarda is the biggest association of the entire Confindustria system. It currently represents and safeguards the interests of around 6,700 companies, goods manufacturers and suppliers of services across all goods sectors, totalling over 403,000 employees.


Since the founding of Assofluid - Federtec, over fifty years ago, Duplomatic has played an active role in projects organised by this trade association. We believe this is the best way to ensure that we are involved in strategic discussions, allowing us to expound the values and specific characteristics of the hydraulics and fluid dynamics sectors.


Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) is a technology cluster recognised by the regional authority of Lombardy that was founded in 2009 to support growth, innovation and competition in the energy & environment sector. It is an “extended laboratory” with the potential to develop projects across research, innovation and business. This is possible due to the presence of around 140 small, medium and large businesses, entrepreneurial associations and non-profit organisations, universities, and research centres, public administrations, financial institutions and specialist bodies. Duplomatic is a member of the LE2C cluster, promoting innovation and synergies with the world of research.


Lean Club founded in 2011 by the LIUC university (Università Cattaneo di Castellanza [Varese]) aimed at spreading the lean-process philosophy. “Doing more and doing it better, with less” is possible with a system of techniques and tools that allow individual companies or entire industrial hubs to become more competitive on the global stage.

Ethical Code

Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 "Discipline of the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies and associations also without legal personality, in compliance with Article 11 of Italian Law no. 300 of 29 September 2000" Duplomatic MS S.p.A. adopted a Code of Ethics. Any facts that represent or may represent a violation of the Code of Ethics of Duplomatic MS S.p.A., based on one’s opinion, can be reported to the Supervisory Body at the email address odv_231@duplomatic.com Reports may be submitted also anonymously, it being anyway understood that the Supervisory Body will ensure the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity, without prejudice to any legal obligations.


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