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A team of experts ready to help you develop projects and support you in Industry 4.0 training

IO-Link is an industrial communication protocol capable of equipping even the simplest products with smart functionality.

However, introducing new technology to a product requires investment and training of specialists that are not only experts in the technology but also the system.
At Duplomatic, since January 2020 these specialists are now recognised, qualified experts, following certification as the only IO-Link Competence Centre in Italy.

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This recognition allows the Mechatronics BU to offer its team’s expertise across Italy, including:














IO-Link is a digital communication protocol that allows two-way transfer of information to and from devices of a machine or process, standardising the exchange of data and allowing acquisition of additional information, such as that used for diagnostics, supporting management of the machine.



  • International standard
  • Two-way point-to-point communication
  • Compatible with the majority of fieldbuses
  • Simplified, reduced cabling: unshielded, three or five-conductor cables for transmission of logic and power, and M8 or M12 connectors for all devices


IO-Link Network

  • Combination of IO-Link and simple digital devices on a single node
  • Parametrisation with on-work system
  • It is possible to group up to 128 I/O signals on a single IO-Link Master
  • Simplification of interface with PLC


  • Cleaner signals
  • More field data
  • Quick and easy installation including on existing systems
  • Reduced installation and maintenance times and costs

The IO-Link Competence Centre actively promotes the technology across Italy, as well as preparing IO-Link technical specifications, participating directly in projects within the German IO-Link community.


  • The only centre in Italy
  • Team of experts
  • Specialised courses and support
  • Stack solutions
  • Integrated IO Link
  • Tests for self-certification


We offer training and support with solutions specially designed for individual customers and their specific applications.


  • IO-Link basics courses
  • IO-Link courses for developers
  • IO-Link courses for use of Duplomatic solutions
  • Consulting for preparation of IODD files


Technical experts and tools for certified tests are available to perform or support self-certification testing.


  • Device Protocol Test
  • Test Physical Layer
  • Test EMC




Duplomatic has developed an IO-Link slave stack, available for its customers with solutions that simplify integration of this communication protocol in a device.

Integrated slave stack

  • Complete with hardware and IO-Link software
  • No additional royalties
  • With application for management of simple signals

Evaluation board also available

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