A lubrication system has the purpose of providing the machine with clean, conditioned oil for lubrication of gearboxes. In gearboxes, lubrication generally occurs naturally, with the dragging (or striking) by the gears allowing the oil in the box to reach all of the gear mesh. The minimum oil level must be sufficient to at least partially coat all teeth of the gearwheel so that it can be dragged.
In many cases forced lubrication is required using independent motorised pump units.


  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Advanced technology
  • Productivity
  • Solutions to meet specific customer requirements


  • Tools for pressure and temperature control
  • Three-way thermostatic valves for optimal fluid temperature control
  • Dimensioning of piping for low ΔP
  • Dimensioning of plate/tube heat exchangers
  • Dimensioning of duplex filter with low ΔP


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