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Electromechanical cylinders for small wind turbines

Wind turbines are generators of renewable energy and have found considerable development in recent years. The possibility of exploiting wind forces lower than those required by big wind generators, is a breeding ground for the increase of small wind turbines, that means the production of electricity with generators less than 30 meters high.

Designers have gradually developed lighter and more flexible structures to achieve higher efficiency and performance. The main challenges related to the development of these systems are two: maximizing the power generated and protecting the structure from overloads and fatigue loads that are generated in the different working conditions.

Tozzi Nord, an important Italian manufacturer that designs and produces Small Wind Turbine systems, has found in Duplomatic a reliable partner not only for its performing product, but also for a side by side collaboration to meet the required technical specifications. The supply consists of electromechanical actuators for pitch control of 20kW wind turbines. The actuators have been designed and manufactured to provide a solution specifically dedicated to this application: in particular, a cylinder with a gearmotor unit has been customized to obtain the required performances, respecting compactness and power supply requirements.


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Matteo Traù, Site Coordinator - UAE Pavilion Expo 2020 - Duplomatic

He is graduated in Engineering, with Master in Business Management, PMP (Project Management Professional Certification).

“We were able to create a unique system in the world. This should make all of us at Duplomatic feel proud!".

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