Duplomatic MS strengthens its presence in the industrial sector with the acquisition of EATA.

Duplomatic MS announces the acquisition of EATA, an Italian company based in Busto Arsizio (VA), recognized as a leader in the industrial temperature regulation market. Founded in 1982, EATA is renowned for its excellence in designing, manufacturing, and distributing chillers, heat exchangers, and air conditioners for electrical cabinets used in various industrial applications, with over 31,000 machines installed worldwide.

This acquisition allows Duplomatic MS to expand its product and service portfolio, enhancing its offering of sustainable and environmentally friendly systems for the industry.

The operation confirms Duplomatic MS's commitment to providing high-quality and reliable solutions for the thermal regulation needs of industrial companies.

With over 40 years of experience and EATA's expertise, Duplomatic MS increases its ability to meet the specific needs of its customers, offering tailored products and services for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine tools and other manufacturing processes.


An excellent range for industrial temperature regulation

Duplomatic MS, part of Daikin Industries, includes Daikin AKW series systems in its portfolio for thermal conditioning of water or aquaglycol solutions for industry. These systems represent the highest technological and construction standards in the sector, combining energy efficiency and environmental respect without compromising performance.

The innovative technologies of Daikin chillers reduce CO2 emissions and operational costs, contributing to environmental protection. Daikin's exclusive inverter technology increases energy efficiency by up to 30%, ensuring optimal resource utilization and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Daikin chillers offer precise temperature control, optimizing thermal management for plastic processing machines and other industrial processes. Additionally, the energy efficiency of Daikin chillers improves overall industrial operation efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

With the acquisition of EATA, Duplomatic MS further expands its portfolio of solutions, including chillers with thermal capacities from 0.400 kW to over 100 kW, and with diverse thermal media and techniques: water, oil, emulsions, and direct expansion or direct contact processes with the customer’s process fluid.


The Future of Industrial Temperature Control

La presenza strategica di EATA nel mercato della termoregolazione e termoregolazione industriale

L’attenta progettazione e produzione di condizionatori, scambiatori di calore e refrigeratori di EATA si integra perfettamente con la visione e la strategia di Duplomatic MS. Questa sinergia permetterà all'azienda di offrire soluzioni ancora più avanzate e competitive, mantenendo elevati standard di qualità e affidabilità.

Attraverso questa acquisizione, Duplomatic MS si posiziona come punto di riferimento nel settore della termoregolazione industriale, consolidando la propria leadership e aprendo nuove opportunità di crescita e sviluppo. Con l'unione di risorse, know-how e competenze di entrambe le aziende, Duplomatic MS è pronta a guidare l'innovazione e l'evoluzione del settore, offrendo soluzioni all'avanguardia per le esigenze sempre più complesse e diversificate del mercato industriale.

La competitività della proposta Duplomatic MS si basa su:

  • La continua attenzione di Daikin Industries verso la ricerca e lo sviluppo di soluzioni ecosostenibili innovative per sistemi di raffreddamento di processi all'avanguardia, caratterizzati dall'utilizzo delle tecnologie più avanzate e dalla massima qualità disponibile sul mercato.
  • La capacità di sviluppare sempre nuovi sistemi chiller grazie all’esperienza degli specialisti EATA.


The Role of Chillers in Industry

Chillers are fundamental in the industry, especially in areas where precise temperature control is essential. These systems are used for cooling machinery, products, and process fluids, contributing to maintaining optimal temperatures for efficient equipment operation and product quality.

Chillers operate at different temperatures compared to other sectors, such as personal comfort cooling or food preservation. They must be capable of cooling fluids to particularly low or high temperatures, depending on the specific needs of the production process.

The operation of chillers is based on the compression and phase change of the refrigerant fluid, allowing them to absorb heat from the user and release it to the air, thus ensuring the desired cooling. Additionally, the refrigerant fluids used are subject to stringent regulations aimed at reducing environmental impact, measured in terms of Global Warming Potential (GWP).

In summary, chillers are essential in the industry for maintaining optimal temperatures in production processes, ensuring efficiency and quality. Their regulatory and technological evolution reflects the industry's commitment to reducing environmental impact and improving energy performance.



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