Duplomatic MS has acquired EATA Equipaggiamenti Srl, a company based in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy), recognized as a leader in the industrial thermal management market. Founded in 1982, EATA is renowned for its excellence in designing, manufacturing, and distributing chillers, exchangers, and air conditioners for electrical cabinets used in various industrial applications, with over 31,000 machines installed worldwide.

Parabiago (Milan, Italy), June 13th 2024 – Duplomatic MS Spa announces the acquisition of EATA Equipaggiamenti Srl. EATA is now part of Duplomatic MS Spa, a member of the multinational group Daikin Industries, aiming to develop greater technical synergy and increase offering capabilities. This agreement strengthens the Group's leading role in the industrial thermal management sector. "From April 1, 2024, we will expand our range of solutions and promote products for the thermal management of industrial machines and plants," said Roberto Maddalon, CEO of Duplomatic MS. "This acquisition will allow us to further strengthen our positioning in the global market. It is a significant step in our growth strategy, thanks to an increase in production capacity and the expansion of the product portfolio for industrial refrigeration," stated Roberto Maddalon, CEO of Duplomatic MS.

Product Portfolio Expansion

This acquisition enables Duplomatic MS to expand its product and service portfolio, enhancing the offering of sustainable and low environmental impact systems for the industry. Thanks to EATA's over 40 years of experience, Duplomatic MS will be able to meet specific customer needs with tailor-made solutions. "With Duplomatic, we share not only extensive experience in the industrial production sector but also goals and values, developed in our history and tradition of family business," said Pietro Pigni, CEO of EATA.

An Excellent Range for Industrial Thermal Conditioning

Duplomatic MS, part of Daikin Industries, includes in its portfolio the Daikin AKW series systems for thermal conditioning of water or aqueous glycol solutions for the industry. These systems represent the highest technological and construction standards in the sector, combining energy efficiency and environmental respect without compromising performance.

The Future of Industrial Thermal Conditioning

The integration of EATA into the Duplomatic MS – Daikin Industries group will allow the company to offer advanced and competitive solutions, maintaining high standards of quality and reliability. The synergy between the two entities consolidates Duplomatic MS's leadership in industrial thermal conditioning and opens new opportunities for growth and development.

For further details and insights, the complete technical article is available.


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