Digital amplifier for proportional valves in open loop


  • Catalog: 89252
  • Mounting Style: DIN rail EN 50022
  • Power supply: 9 ÷ 32 V DC



The EDM-M* card is a digital amplifier for open loop proportional valves control, for rail mounting DIN EN 50022.

The card supplies the current to the solenoid according to the reference signal and independently of temperature variations or load impedance. The card is available in versions for the control of a single solenoid valve (M1), a double solenoid valve (M2) or two single solenoid valves (M3) by two independent channels.

The reference signal is analogue (voltage or current). Each version is available with different maximum current settings and switching frequencies (PWM), optimized according to the relevant valve. Card setup via software only, through the on-board micro USB port .

The front panel houses the LEDs for diagnostics and card operation and a micro-USB port for connection to the EDM40-SmartManager software for diagnostics and / or configuration. The software is downloadable from this page under 'DOWNLOAD' column.

This product replaces the discontinued EDM-M* cards 31 series with current or voltage reference signal.

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