Proportional 3-port pressure reducing valves, pilot operated, with on-board electronics and pressure feedback


  • Catalog: 81503
  • Size: ISO 4401-03
  • Mounting Style: subplate
  • Max Operating Pressure: 350 bar
  • Max Flow: 40 l/min


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  • Other languages: lan
  • * Last update: DE (24/05/2022)


The PZE3J, PZE3JL, PZE3JH are proportional 3-port pressure reducing valves, pilot operated, with pressure feedback and on-board electronics, for subplate mounting. Their function is to regulate the outlet pressure inside the working line (A) to a value proportional to the command, reducing the pressure in line P and relieving to the tank any overpressure from the working line.

The valves are available with different types of on-board electronics:
The J version is our standard electronics with analogue interface with current or voltage reference signal with connection 6 pin + PE.
The JL version comes with compact box with Io-Link, Can-Open or analog interface and 5 pin M12 connection.
The JH version has interface for fieldbus communication type PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, PowerLink or Can-Open, with 11 pin M12 connection.

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