Proportional directional valves, pilot operated, with on-board electronics and feedback for closed loop


  • Catalog: 83330
  • Size:
    • CETOP P05
    • ISO 4401-05
    • ISO 4401-07
    • ISO 4401-08
    • ISO 4401-10
    • ISO 4401-10+
  • Mounting Style: subplate
  • Max Operating Pressure: 350 bar
  • Max Flow: 2800 l/min


  • Rendering 3D: 3D Model
  • * Data sheets: lan lan
  • Other languages: lan
  • * Last update: IT (11/01/2023)


The DSPE*J, DSPE*JL and DSPE*JH are proportional directional valves, pilot operated, with on-board electronics and position feedback, for subplate mounting. Available in sizes from ISO 4401-05 to ISO 4401-10 with oversized ports, they are used to control the position and speed of the hydraulic actuators. Spools with open center and with closed center are available for each size. Instead, spools for regenerative circuits are available for DSPE7J*, DSPE8J* and DSPE10J*. The pilot supply can be internal, internal with built-in pressure reducing valve, or external. Internal or external drainage. The valves are available with different types of on-board electronics for closed loop: The J version is our standard electronics with analogue interface with current or voltage reference signal with connection 6 pin + PE. The JL version comes with compact box with Io-Link, Can-Open or analog interface and 5 pin M12 connection. The JH version has interface for fieldbus communication type PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, PowerLink or Can-Open, with 11 pin M12 connection.

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