Hannover Messe | 17 - 21 April 2023

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Focus on sustainability for Duplomatic MS - a member of Daikin group

Sustainable goals and environmental vision for whole DAIKIN group

The Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, defined by the United Nations in 2015, are a set of 17 goals that aim to contribute to global sustainable development and tackle broad topics such as poverty, health, education, energy, global warming and gender equality.

The target goal to achieve these goals is 2030.

How Daikin helps factories save energy

Did you know that most energy consumption comes from the machine line?

The hydraulic unit and fluid cooling unit contribute to the most energy consumption, and attaining energy-saving starts with reducing the power of these two products.

Daikin hydraulic products use the latest technology to optimise production while reducing power to protect the environment.

Daikin is contributing to this initiative by creating value for the comfort and health of people, the cities they live, the places they work and the environment they depend on.

Power consumption of a machine line in a factory

  • Machining line 45%
  • Assembly 18%
  • Compressor 18%
  • Air conditioning 14%
  • Lighting and other 5%

45% of the total power consumption in a factory comes from the machine line.
70% is a fixed power consumption regardless of production volume.

For more information on the Sustainable Development Goals visit UN website




Environmental Vision 2050 is our pledge to solve increasingly severe global environmental problems by reducing the CO2 emissions - caused by our business activities, products and services - to zero. To achieve this vision, every five years, we set new targets and measures under our Fusion strategic management plan. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and open solutions, we will meet the world’s needs for air solutions that provide safe and healthy environments, while contributing to solving global environmental problems.
Our oil hydraulic equipment supports Environmental Vision 2050 by incorporating the best energy-saving technology to help factories reduce their power consumption and produce fewer emissions.


Daikin aims to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by recovering and recycling refrigerants while at the same time creating products and solutions that minimise CO2 emissions.

 More energy-efficient products.

  • Development and adoption of refrigerants with low global warming potential.
  • Promoting heat pump technology.

  Use of energy management to carry out efficient

  • Operation of buildings with centralised systems for energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Provision of energy services throughout the value chain

 Recovery and recycling of refrigerants and other actions.



Visit us at Hannover Messe to discover how the application of inverter technology to oil hydraulics increases the energy efficiency of your industrial machinery, unlocking sustainability and growth.
The combination of Duplomatic's extensive lineup of hydraulic equipment and engineering capabilities with Daikin's high energy-saving technology will allow you to reduce your environmental footprint in a wide variety of applications.



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We discussed about the following issues:

  • Innovative, sustainable solutions for technologically advanced industrial applications
  • Synergies within Daikin and Duplomatic MS
  • Developments ahead thanks to being a member the Daikin group










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